Our Story So Far

Western Ward Community Enterprise (WWCE) is a community led organisation and everyone involved is a volunteer.

In June 2016, Leicester City Council put two plots of brownfield land, on the fringes of Western Park, up for sale. Local Councils across the country are being forced to sell off unused brownfield sites just like this, usually to private developers.

The scale of the land and buildings for sale made it very difficult for any community group to manage alone. We knew we would need to work with the purchaser, Parmar Properties, to try and secure some community space. Our plans include building a centre for lifelong learning, offering a variety of activities, at the former Eco House and a community cafe in part of the former Western Park Open Air School.

Over the following three years we worked to raise awarness of the project by holding a number of consultive meetings and community events. These events have generated some of our initial fundraising and we plan to repeat theĀ  highlights, such as the Western Park Scarecrow Trail annually. In August 2019 Leicester City Council finally entered into an agreement with Parmar Properties to move forward with the works. Our next phase of fundraising involves crowdfunding before we go on to access capital at a regional and national level.