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It’s Been A While…

We are sorry if it feels like a while since we’ve talked, particularly as we were not able to hold an event in December last year. Don’t worry though, we haven’t quietly forgotten the project. Behind the scenes, we like to reassure you that, as always, the wheels have been in motion. In December we held a formal costing meeting with our architect. In this, we learned the significant effect on the costings for the project that Covid and the global situation over the last couple of years have had. While we all remain as committed as ever to seeing the project through and getting the building open, the new numbers did make us pause for thought. These capital costs for the building work will be met by applying to other funding streams such as the Lottery, nonetheless, the increases mean we will now be asking for more money.

Our fundraising events have always been about bringing the community together. To build links and help us keep you in the loop while also providing the finance to make things like architects’ drawings and the seemingly endless amount of surveyor’s reports that are needed before work can start happening. With that in mind, we are pleased to report that our 2022 events calendar is already taking shape with the Scarecrow Trail a lock to return on the first weekend in September and seasonal events already planned in December. We are currently trying to tie down a date for something in early spring too, more on that soon.

We are always looking for people to help out at our events. If you think that you could support with things like baking, running a stall, or motivating your neighbours to sign up for an event to make it even bigger and better, please drop us a message on Facebook or speak to one of us when you see us about.

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