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Leave A Permanent Reminder Of Your Support

Did you know that we are offering physical rewards to those who pledge £50 and over to our crowdfund campaign before 15th December? You can leave a permanent reminder of your support for Project Hive for yourself, your family or in memory of a loved one.

A pledge of £50 will be rewrded with a personalised vinyl sticker.

Visit and in a few clicks you can be a part of something amazing that will bring people together and create a lasting legacy for the community.

A £100 pledge will be rewarded with a personalised brick to feature as part of the build.

For £500 we are also offering the chance to have a paving slab personalised and featured within the grounds.

Smaller pledges are just as valuable to us as every pound counts and we have to hit our target to recieve any of the funding this campaign will bring. Please pledge WHATEVER you can.

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