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Project Hive COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone, we thought we would take a moment to update you all on the progress of Project Hive during these challenging times…

It’s safe to say that the last couple of months haven’t really gone the way we had envisioned them to when we were planning 2020. Coming off the back of a very successful 2019, we were hoping to go full steam ahead and get things physically moving with the building this year. As the ongoing situation has developed, we quickly realised that many of the plans we had would need to go on the back burner.

As we write this, we still aren’t sure how things are going to play out, so making firm plans is next to impossible and announcing anything specific a fools errand. The important thing to remember is that this is temporary, it will pass. The great community events run by us and other groups that so many come out to enjoy will return. What has been hugely heartening is the way that our community, the very reason we exist, has rallied around and strengthened its bonds despite the limitations to us actually being together. It has galvanised our determination to see this project through to completion and to give this community the new space it deserves, to be together. 

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you all soon…

The WWCE Team.

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