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Project Hive Finance Update

You may be wondering where the project stands from a fundraising point of view as another year draws to a close. To date, the lion’s share of our funds have come from the local community, predominantly via supporting our events. Broken down in simplified terms: 

Income to date: 

 Money raised during our 2019 crowdfund £26,500 

Money raised from other events and donations £18,700 

Giving a total from fundraising of £45,200. 

Expenditure to date: 

 Surveys & Searches:  £3300

Architects Fees £23,500 

Planning Application: £950 

Public Liability Insurance: £600 

Giving a total of £28,350. 

This leaves the current balance of the WWCE bank account at £16,850 

The next stage of the project requires the capital funding to get the building re-developed. We will not be asking the community for this and will be seeking funding from national streams. We are in negotiations with an experienced bid writer who we feel will give us the best chance of securing this. We will provide updates on this soon. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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