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The Signs They Are A-Changing

From start to finish, the changing of the signs.

If you have walked or driven past Western Park along Hinckley Road recently, you may have noticed something looks a little different.

Last Saturday we finally managed to put up our sign in place of the tired looking Eco House one that has been slowly disappearing into the hedgerow over the last few years. We gave the hedge a good trim too.

For us it’s an important moment. We can finally broadcast to anyone that comes past the site, not just those we have been lucky enough to meet with, that something is happening. That it’s days of being a magnet for anti-social behaviour are coming to an end. It feels like a very long time since we held the first public meeting to announce our intentions. Keep your eyes peeled for news about the date of a follow-up meeting that will bring everyone up to date with events very soon.

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